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adult Cat Ocicat

Listed On : September 29, 2022

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Hi ya sweethearts, my home Name is Monkey and just like a monkey I’m looking to swing (wink wink)

I’m a Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Stud and am proud of my show career as a Gold Double Grand Champion.
Everyone always tells me I’m such a calm good looking fella and I absolutely adore chin rubs. Weighing in at a solid 6kg .
I’m now open for dating outside my cattery, prospective ladies will need to show my manager (Tracie-Anne) health screen testing and pedigree just to make sure the match is a good one.
You can find my pedigree on
My pedigree name is Ozspots Golden Eagle, so check me out.
I am a Proven stud and also carry the gene for dilute and cinnamon, to see my full DNA work up Email my manager.

A (maybe slightly bias) message from my manager.
Well now, if my Monkey was a man he would sure seem creepy, a smooth talking sexy fella with so much charm its overwhelming but seriously, he has a fantastic temperament and is a gentlemen with his ladies.
Monkey is up to date with all vaccinations.
I chose to use both the F5 and FIV to ensure he has complete protection.
We have had him tested and he is negative for FIV and FeLV
DNA Tested for traits and defects and also a cardiac HCM screening has been completed.

$2500 will cover 3-4 weeks room and board, 3 days supervised date to ensure accurate time frame for planning kittens and successful matting.

for more info shoot me an email

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